Monday, December 08, 2008

I just got my copy of The Video Game Theory Reader 2.


1 Gaming Literacy: Game Design as a Model for Literacy in the 21st Century

Eric Zimmerman

2 Philosophical Game Design

Lars Konzack

3 The Video Game Aesthetic: Play as Form

David Myers

4 Embodiment and Interface

Andreas Gregersen and Torben Grodal

5 Understanding Video Games as Emotional Experiences

Aki Jarvinen

6 In the Frame of the Magic Cycle: The Circle(s) of Gameplay

Dominic Arsenault and Bernard Perron

7 Understanding Digital Playability

Sebastien Genvo

8 Z-axis Development in the Video Game Mark J. P. Wolf

9 Retro Reflexivity: La-Mulana, an 8-Bit Period Piece

Brett Camper

10 "This is Intelligent Television": Early Video Games & Television in the Emergence of the Personal Computer

Sheila C. Murphy

11 Too Many Cooks: Media Convergence and Self-Defeating Adaptations

Trevor Elkington

12 Fear of Failing? The Many Meanings of Difficulty in Video Games

Jesper Juul

13 Between Theory and Practice: The GAMBIT Experience

Clara Fernandez-Vara, Neal Grigsby, Eitan Glinert, Philip Tan, and Henry Jenkins

14 Synthetic Worlds as Experimental Instruments

Edward Castronova, Mark W. Bell, Robert Cornell, James J. Cummings, Matthew Falk, Travis Ross, Sarah B. Robbins and Alida Field

15 Lag, Language, & Lingo: Theorizing Noise in Online Game Spaces

Mia Consalvo

16 Getting into the Game: Doing Multi-Disciplinary Game Studies

Frans Mayra

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