Sunday, December 14, 2003

Did you know that indeed C. S. Lewis was the the prime inspiration behind Jorge Luis Borges - and that Borges┬┤ writings was discovered by Roger Caillois and introduced to Europe.

Jorge Luis Borges cried when his anglican mother read C. S. Lewis' science fiction trilogy aloud, because as he said, I understand why he wrote this.

Furthermore, C. S. Lewis got most of his inspiration from Tolkien and G. K. Chesterton. And Roger Caillois was inspired by Johan Huizinga, who again was inspired by Friedrich Schiller.

Funny little world, isn't it.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Zetetic astronomy.

- "Are we going to Heaven or Hell, sir?"
- "Well it seems indeed to depend upon the flatness of our belief in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you in any case a flat earther by choice?"
- "Please, don't flatter me, sir! You only do that when you are drunk anyway."
(V. P. Heindrijk: "Deflecting Illusions of the Void", 1934 [Origin. 1929])

Monday, December 08, 2003

Well, I've been lucky lately. First, I won the Pet Shop Boys doubble-CD and DVD of all their music videos. Second, I won the latest IO interactive game Freedom Fighters, thanks to Geek Culture.

Not last saturday but the saturday before I went to a seminar on youth media culture. I was asked to say something about computer games and learning as usual. However, I wanted to say something new, so I asked if I could say something about geek culture. I have this hypothesis that indeed the geeks shall inherit the intellectual power in the western contries - or at least in Denmark. It all went very well, and they said they really felt they should think differently of youth culture today.

Last thursday I did almost exactly the same, when I was asked to say something about ICT and learning through computer games. A bit boring since I've done that what seems like a thousand times before. So again I asked if it was okay if I said something about geek culture too. Well, they said it was okay. They people behind this seminar was a bit depressed because Haakon Tolsby and Carsten Jessen became ill and could not attend as key note speakers. Well, at least they could still change the program so everyone got a fair deal of the presenters because they intentionally had double-track sessions. They became one-track sessions.
Anyway, I did it. This audience was full of young urban professionals - and not all of them were happy when thay heard what I had to say. The yuppies are nowadays in power. They've got intellectual influence when it comes to consultant jobs, comercials and design. They say what is good and what is bad. Especially television has become yuppiezed with programs about design, life style and how to get overnight succes. Well, the next intellectual generation is much more introvert - and not superficial. The new geek culture will come to power in the 2010s when the old postmodernist-marxist-hippies (aka the 68-generation) retire from power. And the geek culture is their most influential discourse.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Dungeons & Dragons is older than one should think. A roman gaming die.