Monday, March 27, 2006

Lately, I've been playing Total Overdose. I like this game because, contrary to GTA, it focuses the attention on fun and excitement, the clichés are having a ball. It's a fun shooter.
The story stinks and that's actually a good thing in this case. I wouldn't have it another way. The action counts. Have a laugh, shoot some bad guys, jump on a wire, tequilas, steal a car, sombreros, etc.
And then it failed me in the end. Just before showdown. Forklifts are not that funny. They are boring. Especially if you got to move a forklift with precision on time. I suddenly found myself in need of an extra thumb or an extra hand. I could not even see what I was doing, due to a terrible camera angle. The bad handling on the Xbox joypad certainly was a fun-killer, ending the game for me. Not in a climax. Not in a intriguing anti-climax. But in a boring anti-climax. Actually, I did not reach the end of the story. Literally a bomber. I was supposed to move a ticking bomb, I couldn't move it. Instead I was blown to pieces. Not once, not twice, but several times.
Earlier on in the game I was supposed to get a car, hidden behind some boxes using a forklift, the time counting down. Boring. At that time I was happy, I did not need to learn how to use this piece of metal called a forklift. But they had to put this machinery into the story. They suddenly stopped focusing on fun and excitement but on precision with a non-funny vehicle. The joy of playing Total Overdose came to a halt.
Racing a speedboat or jumping out of an aeroplane was put into cut-scenes. I was really looking forward to cruise in the speedboat, but no. As a substitute I had to drive the forklift.