Monday, November 26, 2001

This weekend I played a lot.

On saturday I was game master in a musceteer scenario. It was a pastiche on old musceteer films and swashbuckling tv-series. The plot was totally unoriginal: the Englishmen trying to make a swordfish u-boat in order to invade France. In between they meet lots of beautyful girls and have some good old bar room brawls. The players should always try to invent new stunts because old stunts would have greater chance of failure. During the evening we had plenty to eat and a good mood to intensify the pleasure of the narrative.

On sunday we borrowed an old sega machine. So my girlfriend and I ended up playing Soulcalibur against one another. Our living room was filled with anger, hatred, pain and suffering. But still we ended up kissing and hugging one another. Afterwards we started out on a journey into the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Now I know why I do hate adventure games. It's no fun to me playing an adventure game alone. But I have good experience in helping others and it's really fun to sit and guess the puzzles in the company of another or group of people. But taken from me, I hate to guess the puzzles of an adventure game all by myself. However as it turned I unexpectedly experinced enjoyment in playing adventure games with my girlfriend, so I realized I don't in fact hate them anyway.


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