Monday, October 29, 2001

This weekend I was at the KRIKKIT Con, a little role-playing game convention in Ã…rhus, Denmark. On friday we played Star Wars live role-playing and people dressed up fantasticly. It was superb space opera and the rebel alliance terrorist faction (which I was leading) won in the end. The next day I played ordinary pen-and-paper RPG. First we played a musceteer pastiche scenario with lots of intertextual references and later on a really really bad dungeoneering in which we had to prevent the evil wizard from sending his flying balloons into the Twin Magic Towers. We didn't care about the towers and ended up waiting for the evil wizard to come and make his move, so we would have a chance to loot the city in the confusion. Finally on sunday, I was gamemastering my own improvised scenario based on youth detectives.


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