Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Elephant's Lullaby

The stars light up at the night-blue sky.
The half-moon stares at a chipmunk.
I am keeping an eye, that the wicked mice
they won’t sneak into your grip trunk.
Sleep well little Jumbo and lullaby
now darkness comes to the jungle.
The ostrich your aunt just slipped her eyes
and sleeps with the rhino, your uncle.

A slumbering wilderbeest cries tonight
in the bush of the big lianas
and monkeys sing themselves to sleep
in cradles of green bananas.
Sleep sweet little Jumbo, you little tot!
Be merry, my friend, please don’t prattle.
Tomorrow I'll get you a coconut
for you to use as a rattle.

The panther roars an evening song
and scouts towards Orion
By the old ford with sharpened claw
hunts the almighty lion
Sleep sweet, little Jumbo, you little grail
my adorable elephant teddy.
You asked me to tell you a fairy-tale
now you sleep sweet already.

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