Saturday, November 04, 2006

Philosophy, geek culture, and Gunnar Wille
Testerday, I went to Odense with my colleague Thessa Jensen to the seminar "Philosophy and Popular Culture". I held a lecture on geek culture based on my paper Geek Culture: The 3rd Counter-Culture. Afterwards Cynthia Grund told us about Star Trek and art conception.

Cynthia Grund

Couldn't stay for long though because I had to go to Gunnar Wille's 60th birthday in Copenhagen at The National Film School of Denmark. At the party I got a chance to talk to old friends and the Director of Game Design at Gamelab Nick Fortugno. He of course turned out to be a role-player.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUNNAR! With lots of colours and stripes.

Gunnar Wille

Nick Fortugno


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