Thursday, January 19, 2006

Watching Ringers, I'll have to admit it was a tremendous statement of the Tolkien fan-culture. It took the long brave step to depict the Tolkien-scene from the hippie counterculture of the late 1960s to the present day gaming geek culture. It is important to realise that indeed this movie is about the fans not about Tolkien's work and must be seen from this point of view. Otherwise one would have to sprint away screaming.

I have only three issues with this documentary:

1) To much focus on 1970s hobbit-rock-n-roll. Most of it is actually monstrous pathetic. But the main reason for neglecting this part is that it had very little impact on the Tolkien fan-culture in general.

2) To little focus on the intellectuals approach to the Lord of the Rings. This is what to be expected. Still, it is a major flaw. Because the work as a whole is an intellectual work. Not some kind of sword and sorcery fancy. Furthermore, I think this way of approaching Tolkien's work will become more influential, thus having more and more impact on the Tolkien fan-culture.

3) To little focus on the influence gaming activities have had on how Tolkien's work is percieved today. Thereby diminishing the impression of the cultural gap between boomers and gamers.


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