Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Yesterday, I went to play D&D in Aalborg Rollespils Laug [Aalborg Roleplaying Guild]. I ended up with an elven sorceress carrying the blood of a gold dragon called Ethan. Her name is Zaphial Draconix, because she is decendant of a family dedicated to help dragons. In ancient times an elven hero saved the dragon eggs from being stolen. If it wasnt for him the dragon bloodline may have ended. Not because dragons were hunted down, but simply because they would not have had any offspring. In return he got some dragonblood into his own and became very powerful indeed giving him the ablity to breath fire. Accordingly, he took the name Draconix. Since then dragons has been very kind to the Draconix family. But more than that she has got a Flying Carpet and Slippers of Spider Climb.


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