Friday, November 01, 2002

Anja Rau really made me laugh when she referred to the german Morgenmagazin hosted by Wolfgang Korruhn. It's absolutely outrageous:

Watch Wolfgang Korruhn ask a gay hotel-owner: "Would you like to be normal?" ("I am normal," says the hotel-owner in a very small voice). And a bit later, a pro pos a gay man's plans to marry his partner: "But are you sure this love will last as long as a normal marriage is supposed to last?" And when the interviewee replied, that of course you never know but neither do all heterosexual marriage last till death does part the partners, Korruhn concludes: "They're living for the moment."

Tune in next week for "All Turks smell of garlic", "The Polish are all little thiefs" and "Women who think too much lose their femininity".


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