Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Today I was lucky to get a pulp novel I for quite a while have been looking for. I've already read it in the early 1990's but suddenly the book was gone. It's a science fiction novel titled "Sølvhjerneskallerne" [The Silver Brain Skulls] by Valdemar Hanøl and dates back to 1930. It's a scary, yet fascinating example of how people were thinking during the 1930's when they actually thought Europeans were a better breed and all the rest of the world was just mumbo jumbo. The setting is a Fascist-Socialist happy society in which prof. Frigon (the villain) wants to make an even better breed of people by changing their skull structure due to his own frenologic research. The center of the world is in fact Copenhagen even though they officially deny nationalism. By the way the Americas went back to the Stone Age because they were carrying a dangerous tongue disease and because they were listening to music of the black race.

This pulp novel is certainly not a master piece, but it sure reminds us how they were thinking about our future and what went wrong back in the twentieth century.


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